My Skills


The building blocks of web development. Extremely skilled in these and using them to customize frameworks and libraries.


Languages used to build LAMP stack sites. I’ve used these to build custom WordPress themes and plugins, as well as standalone for some projects that use databases.


The most popular content management system. Most of my freelance and UCF sites use WordPress, with Divi or a custom theme made with PHP.


Version Control System used when working in groups, as personal backup, and when working with open-source software. Over ten years of experience, eight professionally.


The most popular and arguably most useful JavaScript library. 8+ years of professional experience. Heavily used in development of technic-utopia.


Web application framework for NodeJS projects and creating APIs. Used in almost all full-stack projects I’ve worked on. 


Front-end JavaScript frameworks used for building user-interfaces for single-page applications. Moderate experience in all three. See more details in my case study for


Modern JavaScript runtime used to create scalable web applications. See my experience in the case study for my personal project,

SEO/Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization, web tracking and reporting platform. I’ve installed Analytics on all my freelance sites to help business owners gauge activity, page views, and more important data.


CSS extensions used for dynamic stylesheets. I’ve used these professionally at UCF’s Office of Student Involvement for four years.

Adobe XD

Industry standard tool used for designing user interfaces and experiences. Examples seen as wireframes in the case study for

Adobe Photoshop

Industry standard tool for image manipulation and, in my case, usually optimization for page speed and SEO purposes. Over ten years of experience.


When I needed a website to showcase my 30 years of newspaper stories, Steven Lykins was the only person I trusted to curate my career. His creativity, attention to detail and professional interaction made the process as enjoyable as the product. The website is artistic, accessible and incredibly engaging. Readers from around the world have complimented Steven’s design.

Lane DeGregory

Writer, Tampa Bay Times

I’m also pretty nasty at Rocket League and like to program sounds.