technic-utopia v0.5

technic-utopia is a desktop-only browser game I created using JavaScript, JQuery, CSS and HTML. It is a project I developed as a junior at UCF in my free time, mostly as an exercise in game theory, but also to continue to hone my skills in minimal design, JS and JQuery development.


It is an incremental game, which means it uses a small amount of elements to facilitate long-term play. It is still in development, and will eventually include save-states through cookies, an over-world storyline, and more core features overall. It will remain free to play and free of monetization.

I used a few plugins, including Tooltipster – to help explain different modules in order to avoid a traditional tutorial, and Mousetrap – to enable keyboard shortcuts through JQuery.

The game and its design takes inspiration from many places. I had wanted to design these types of games since playing A Dark Room by Doublespeak games. Other games since then, including Adventure Capitalist, Realm Grinder, and SPACEPLAN continued to inspire me. I wanted to make a similar game with more of a story and gameplay elements that were a bit more complex, including resource management and more than just clicking. Ultimately, I removed this element completely in favor of a terminal-style feel, complete with a full terminal with commands (try typing ‘help’ in the command line as more modules are unlocked!). I also wanted something that was finite, unlike some similar games that seemed to run forever with no real ‘end’. The design and story were heavily inspired by Porter Robinson’s ‘Virtual Self’ project and the live sets he paired with it.

The bulk of this project was finished by myself in about a month and a half, starting in Spring 2018, ending in Summer. I will continue to make updates, so if you would like to know when more features are added and when the game is finished and fully released, please subscribe to my (minimal) mailing list.

Planned Features

  • Save States (Be aware you cannot save in the current version, all progress is lost on exit)
  • Story elements
  • More console commands
  • Better tutorials & tooltips
  • Assets module (money and other tangible resources)
  • Research & Development Module
  • Mobile Redirect